I’m Back — HIGH FIVE

Two month hia­tus, SORRY y’all!20130405-212823.jpg

To ease back into it, I thought I might start with a High Five for Feb­ru­ary and March!

1. Kahlua k-cups — We recently found a store called Tweed and Hick­ory where you can buy mix n’match k-cups for Keurig cof­fee mak­ers. My absolute favorite fla­vor is the Kahlua fla­vored cof­fee cups. Even if I didn’t drink it, the smell is enough for me. Some run­ners up are Timothy’s: Irish Cream, and any­thing hazelnut.

2. Papyrus greet­ing cards — You’ve prob­a­bly seen them at Chap­ters, for $6–12 each and thought only idiots buy them. WELLLLLLL I love them, and until recently I didn’t know they had their own stores, but I found one in Detroit. I bought about 5 (cost­ing me a small for­tune) but I absolutely love giv­ing them to peo­ple. For Mother’s day last year I got my Mom one that looked like a leather motor­cy­cle jacket — and if you know my Mom, it was highly appro­pri­ate. Not to brag, but my Dad said I give the best cards.

3. “What’s wrong with these pho­tos” on the Ellen Show — I have still been loyal to YouTube, but lately I have moved on to watch­ing clips of the Ellen Show. They have a seg­ment called “What’s wrong with these pho­tos” where she shows pic­tures peo­ple have taken of hilar­i­ous things/moments or awk­ward people/situations. One par­tic­u­lar clip has a whole mon­tage of pic­tures kids touch­ing theme park char­ac­ters inap­pro­pri­ately, it’s the best. Take a look.

4. Pretty Lit­tle Liars — The show is SO ridicu­lous and stupid…but I just fin­ished sea­son 3. Like seri­ously, lock your doors and close your cur­tains gurl­l­l­llz. Mostly every sit­u­a­tion in the show can be avoided by not being stu­pid, but obvi­ously that wouldn’t be very excit­ing would it? I must say though, the best part of the show is the char­ac­ter Wren.

5. Sum­mer vaca­tion — I still call sum­mer “sum­mer vaca­tion” since it’s a vaca­tion from depress­ing win­ter. This win­ter I have been par­tic­u­larly down, and I can’t wait for sunny weather. Instead of going home and curl­ing up on the couch for the night, I can actu­ally ven­ture out­side with­out fear of being buried by snow or freez­ing to death. We are plan­ning a trip to Van­cou­ver and Seat­tle at the end of June (sug­gested activ­i­ties wel­come). Also in the works are trips to Mon­treal for music and Toronto for bal­let. Can life get any bet­ter? Good­bye savings.

And so ends my first blog of the spring time. I hope to do many more :) I am even think­ing of doing some travel blog entries on here. Get excited.




Holy Busy

I am cur­rently in the midst of exces­sive school work times. I have either been in the stu­dio until late at night, or work­ing, or sleep­ing. Throw in some eat­ing in there, and bam. That is my life at the moment. What are some things that keep you so busy that you feel like you have no down time?


High Five


I have really been look­ing for ideas to build up our blog post­ing momen­tum, and I fig­ured if we had a weekly sum­mary post it might encour­age post­ing more fre­quently (in the­ory). I got some inspi­ra­tion from some blogs to do a “high five” of the week. A cou­ple friends of mine blog about their highs of the week as a way to reflect and inspire. Thought we might give it a try???

My high fives will be any­thing and every­thing. From good recipes, to cool videos, to things that hap­pened to me that week. This might be a lit­tle hard because as I’m writ­ing this, the only things from this week that jump out at me are bad or annoy­ing things that hap­pened. Thinking.…..hard.……

1. Babies. Last week­end we vis­ited my boyfriend’s fam­ily includ­ing his 5 month old nephew. Every time we see him is a new and excit­ing expe­ri­ence, and we are not even his par­ents! I still can’t wrap my head around this child being born from noth­ing and grow­ing each day. He has his own per­son­al­ity and spunk, and picks up on every­thing around him. It’s so crazy to think that this baby is so fresh and can be molded and shaped into any­thing. He is so happy and care­free and is it crazy that it’s a bit inspir­ing??? A pilates teacher once told us that babies have the strongest abs from hold­ing their feet up in the air all day. I wanna be a baby.

2. DIY. I recently acquired a sec­ond hand sewing machine. I have so many ideas and things I wanna try, I’m so excited. There’s some­thing about own­ing your own home and mak­ing your own things for it that makes you feel so good. I never used to want to make things myself until I stopped liv­ing in stu­dent hous­ing. I’m pretty sure it’s a com­bi­na­tion of hav­ing a place to call my own and car­ing about the things in it, and hav­ing a littttt­tle more time on my hands. Because let’s face it, dur­ing uni­ver­sity, ain’t nobody got time fo dat .

3. Youtube. This week I have been par­tic­u­larly into YouTube. There are a few chan­nels I watch daily:

Dai­ly­Grace — This girl makes me laugh like woah. She is so sar­cas­tic and kinda weird…I love it. If you want a good video to test the waters, try one of her cut­ting her own bangs

You Deserve a Drink (YDAD) — DailyGrace’s friend. Imag­ine the cra­zi­est, most out there per­son you can think of and times that by 1,000,000 and you have Mam­rie Hart. She builds her videos around mak­ing alco­holic drinks and mak­ing puns…what more could you ask for?! Idk if I want to link this in case every­thing thinks she’s insane and weird and there­fore I am insane and weird. Sooooo search it.

4. Can­dles. They are my newest obses­sion item. I used to be all ‘can­dles are stu­pid, and smell bad’, and I did NOT under­stand people’s love of Bath and Body Works. Not any­more. I bought a can­dle for myself before Christ­mas that was like mint/vanilla from B&BW.…LOVE. I seri­ously burn it every­day because it’s not too strong at all and smells amaz­ing. Also a new thing I have learned is that can­dles run out. Until recently I thought that can­dles just melted the wax and then it just became solid again and you could use it for­ever. (I feel like I should erase that because it sounds crazy but I am not going to). In fact, that is not the case, and can­dles DO run out. Who would have thought.

5. Argan Oil. This win­ter has been a night­mare for long, dry hair like mine. My house and espe­cially my work is so dry that every­thing I wear gets so sta­tic and i HATE sta­tic. My hair is the type of hair that gets oily at the roots and dry at the ends, but this win­ter it’s just dry all over. So I have turned to argan oil. I use Moroc­can oil just about every­day and it works won­ders, and I recently just bought an argan oil mask that I use as a con­di­tioner. It solves the prob­lem temporarily…I just can’t wait for summer.

YAY I MADE IT. That was harder than I thought, but I didn’t really think about what I was going to write until I was actu­ally writ­ing it. I am hop­ing next week may be eas­ier if I write down things I want to write about dur­ing the week and have time to think about it. HIGH FIVE.


What’s in my bag

What's in Eunice's Bag

I texted Sarah today after read­ing her post from the other day. With excite­ment, I told her I would do one, too. Oh boy, my bag is not much dif­fer­ent from Sarah’s, and I am still a stu­dent (not a work­ing drone).

From the top left, work­ing clock-wise.

1. My cur­rent every­day bag, a birth­day gift from my mother, a Longchamp Paris Le Pliage tote bag in Graphite. I use it to carry every­thing. It’s so big that I stuff it with every­thing. Then my shoul­der gets heavy and it’s dif­fi­cult just to switch arms. But, I con­tinue to use it every­day because I love it.

2. Mois­tur­izer and med­i­cine. A small sam­ple of Clinique’s Mois­ture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is great for my bag, espe­cially when my eczema acts up in this cold weather. I look like a pill-popping junkie with a plas­tic bag­gie of var­i­ous pills, but I’ve been feel­ing under the weather along with an ear­ache, so Cold-FX and some Ibupro­fen is good to have on hand.

3. A WIP — work in progress. I’ve taken to car­ry­ing around my lat­est knit­ting project so that I can do some knit­ting when I can.

4. A book and my Kin­dle. Thank­fully, the only read­ings I have to do this term is for an Art His­tory class. “Prim­i­tivism, Cubism, Abstrac­tion: The Early Twen­ti­eth Cen­tury” looks at Mod­ern Art, and car­ry­ing it around allows me to stay up to date with read­ings for class. The Kin­dle lets me read for fun when I don’t feel like knit­ting or doing school work.

5. Note­books. I have lots of note­books. Right to left: Leucht­turm 2013 Plan­ner, Mole­sk­ine Sketch­book, Mole­sk­ine Kraft Note­book (for class notes).

6. Wal­let. Can’t go any­where with­out my Matt & Nat wallet.

7. Pencil-case, and ear­phones. I got my pencil-case on a trip to Korea back in 2007. It’s been through a lot — as shown by the ink leak at the bot­tom. It now holds a vari­ety of draw­ing pen­cils, a knife (to sharpen said pen­cils), a ruler, and a pen. My pink, Urbanears ear­phones with the fab­ric cord is great for music-listening.

8. Lip­gloss and hair ties. Much like Sarah, it is my goal to have hair ties eas­ily acces­si­ble and store many in my bag. I can blindly reach in and pick one out. Lip­gloss and lip balm is essen­tial to sur­vival in the winter.

9. Cof­fee tum­bler and water bot­tle. I’ve been keep­ing a full water bot­tle on hand lately so I can always stay hydrated. Cof­fee is a must for me to be able to last my long school days. This one is handy because it’s a French press tum­bler. I can put in some grinds and then the hot water directly into the tum­bler! (I don’t have a cof­fee brewer in the apart­ment, and usu­ally the room­mates and I use the French press or do a pour-over.)

So, that’s it. That’s my bag! We’ll see how both my and Sarah’s bags change in the spring!


What’s [not] in my Purse


With the tran­si­tion from hip uni­ver­sity stu­dent to bor­ing work­ing robot comes a purse filled with the neces­si­ties of life. My neces­si­ties have gone from cash, debit card, ID,camera, and lip­gloss — to those things PLUS about 20 other things. My bag has grown from a small trendy satchel to a giant bag resem­bling that of a home­less person.

Here I have doc­u­mented a few key items in my purse.20130114-193249.jpg

1.First essen­tial: Snacks. Who knows when one might need a bite to eat while wait­ing at a stop­light? I usu­ally carry mixed nuts and trailmix…much like a squirrel…

2.Hair/lips/hands/eyes. Pro­tect them!! Bad breathe, chapped lips, dry hands, and bad hair can all be fixed. I have excluded about 10 other elas­tics and hair pins from the pic­ture. My ulti­mate goal when I need an elas­tic is to be able to reach in and find one within 2 sec­onds, and the only way to ensure that is to fill my bag with as many as pos­si­ble. Prob­lem solved.


3.Number three is vit­a­mins. I feel like a freak when they start shak­ing around in my purse…but seri­ously I haven’t got­ten sick at all this win­ter and I swear it’s because I pop echi­nacea like candy.




4.Entertainment. Every­one is always on their phones these days. So I some­times feel like doing things the old fash­ioned way. My lat­est craze is a puz­zle book my boyfriend got me for Christ­mas. Really though, this book has me doing puz­zles all over the place. Look these up: Latin Squares, and Tow­ers. They are sim­i­lar to Sudoku, but BETTER. The book also includes Sudoku and Minesweeper, so basi­cally I’m a genius now.



5.I like to think I’m pre­pared for all weather, but I’m really only pre­pared for cold hands and rain (and not a lot of rain, my umbrella sucks). Not to men­tion I am a bit embar­rassed of my umbrella since it’s bright pink with jew­els hang­ing off it.

6.COUPONS. Need I say more? Dis­claimer: about half the coupons in my purse are expired, oopsies.


- Sarah